White T-shirt goes match with jeans

The black cap worn by Lan Yingying also adds a lot to the overall shape. With the embellishment of sunglasses, not only can the face be modified, but also the blue man Ying has a strong atmosphere. However, to say that the most stealth is the fishing net clothing inside Lan Yingying, just want to say what the fishnet socks are, Lan Yingying directly refers to the fishing net as a T-shirt. Lan Yingying's shape is simple and stylish, especially her fishing net T-shirt is very stealthy, not only adds a bright spot to the whole, but also looks blue and full of personality, this operation is simply convincing, so Stunned. Have to say what the fishnet socks are, Lan Yingying directly put the fishing net as a T-shirt? Every set is beautiful and impeccable. I saw the blue Yingying in the photo, wearing a black one-shoulder shirt, perfectly showing her charming collarbone and shoulders, and also showed a sexy little woman temperament. Paired with black pipe pants, it cleverly outlines the long legs of Blue Yingying. Lan Yingying's body shape is made of black overalls and blue tops. The overall shape is clean and casual. The slanting red small square bag not only can store items, but also adds a touch of bright color to the whole, and it is more and more blue-yellow.


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