Tips on Spotting Real and Fake Ralph Lauren

Many people may not know the origin of the POLO shirt. The wide range of POLO shirts is attributed to Ralph Lauren. He has improved the polo clothing and popular design across time, making the POLO shirt a popular clothing. The POLO shirt is the brand created by Ralph Lauren, namely POLO RALPH LAUREN. The POLO shirt we usually say is just this one. Otherwise, unless other brand names are indicated, the doubts are imitations. Ralph Lauren POLO shirts not only have POLO shirts for men and women, POLO shirts for children, and even BABY. Oh, Raf Lauren's POLO shirts are especially original because they are simple in style and easy to copy. Many high imitations appear on Taobao, even more expensive than the real ones. So how do you tell the true POLO shirt? Here is how to tell the true and false POLO shirt! POLO fabric is thin with 220 grams of pearl mesh cotton, thick with 260 grams of pearl mesh cotton, the use of fabric is very particular. The general fake is to use 160 grams or 180 grams of pearl mesh cotton, basically have not been washed this process, so the fabric feel is completely different from the genuine washed, authentic one is very obvious The feeling is wet, soft and hard, very entangled, from the 0 degree angle, the surface fiber is thicker and less, and the better imitation goods may also have water washing to the process, but its washing quality is obvious. Color difference. Finally, I would like to introduce a special feature of the genuine washed fabric POLO, that is its collar. The collar of the genuine washed fabric POLO has no obvious indentation, and the collar can be easily erected. You can go to the counter to verify.


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