Ralph Lauren sues US Polo infringement in China

Ralph Lauren said that Polo and its Chinese licensees and distributors falsely promoted Ralph Lauren's affiliated retailers, rapidly expanding the number of their stores and selling ROLph Lauren's POLO logo and other related trademarks. Products, as well as the use of POLO trade names and trade dress, "This move is an organized violation of our company's intellectual property rights in China." “The American Polo Company has blatantly misled Chinese consumers and used our iconic brands to provide consumers with unlicensed products that are identical or very similar to our products and are easily confusing, and highly imitated our iconic horses. Ball rider logo, said Avery Fischer, senior vice president and general counsel of Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren accused Polo and its Chinese licensees and distributors of selling a variety of products through at least 60 unauthorized stores called POLO SPORT, "including clothing, accessories, handbags and suitcases, etc. It is our branded product; at the same time, we falsely promote these POLO SPORT stores as our authorized retailers in China.” These non-authorized POLO SPORT stores are mostly licensed by Shanghai Polo Company “Shanghai Ruifa Apparel Co., Ltd.” "Operation.


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