Ralph Lauren Purple Label 2018 Fall Collection

This season's formal attire is also inspired by military uniforms, inspired by Scottish military uniforms, and presents an unexpected classic gentleman evening gown. Scottish cross plaid cashmere and vintage velvet fabrics bring a chic highlight to the collection. The black suit gown is cleverly based on the officer's dress elements, showing a handsome look, and each design is decorated with elegant details, hand-embroidered from the light cavalry jacket. , diamond-shaped metal buttons on the traditional Spencer jacket, and jacket with Scottish cross plaid pants. In the Scottish Highland theme, there are two classic Ralph Lauren styles – one of which is a black turtleneck embroidered with Ralph Lauren's silhouette and the other with a western-style belt and a dress shirt. Jeans - all of them are the favorite shape of Mr. Ralph Lauren. The rustic atmosphere of the English countryside, the hunting and outdoor activities that traditional aristocrats are keen on, through the RLX technology, in this season's design is the ultimate interpretation. A down jacket and a mixed nylon pullover with a sheepskin coat and a tweed suit make this collection a modern temperament and a real wear. Autumn colors such as olive green and navy, combined with bright orange-red, are complemented by delicate and luxurious fabric textures, one of which is styled in suede trousers with a mixed-colored turtleneck and nylon pike coat. An orange "RLX" belt buckle lends a finishing touch to the details. Some of the shapes are also paired with hand-polished leather boots with Nordic-style shoe edging, which is truly fashionable and practical.


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