Ralph Lauren New York Fashion Show

"After moving to Chicago, the money I made was finally enough to pay the rent...and there is still a little left, I feel very successful," she said. "To celebrate success, I did not choose to buy a premium sedan, art. Goods or jewellery, that was what I started to do later. I felt that I wanted to celebrate my achievements and I was sure that I had to buy a Ralph Lauren towel... that is more than 10 years, I have been eager What you have." Aspirations for success. This is what Lauren really sells to Winfrey and sells to all of us. For me, this aspiration is a bottle of perfume, which was placed on Grandma's dressing table in the 1980s. Founder's brown glass bottle, gold etching words and round gold cap on the top... The design of the perfume bottle makes me dream. I still think of it until now. The fashion show held on Friday is naturally the core of the brand's anniversary and a tribute to Lauren's influence. The hip-hop group GIFlow & KING paid tribute to the designer in the 2014 lyrics. "No mention of Ralph Lauren is not to say, you know?" This song is clipped between the Springsteen and Neil Diamond tracks. The device continues to zoom in.


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