Ralph Lauren is always displayed in Exhibition Center

At present, the Ralph Lauren brand is actively expanding into the Asian market. Brent Smith expressed his expectation for the development of Ralph Lauren in the Chinese market. In particular, Shenzhen, as a recognized design capital of the United Nations, has a large number of active designers and a large luxury consumer group, which are in line with Ralph Lauren's brand goals. When talking about the issue of “Where is the store?”, Asia Pacific Director Brent Smith spoke highly of the Luohu Art Exhibition Center, marveling at the variety of products and products, and also personally went to the upcoming International Art Exhibition Center. site. In the future, we will see the establishment of the top luxury home brand represented by Ralph Lauren at the iADC International Art Exhibition Center. The arrival of the American lifestyle will attract the attention of many cities. This time, Ralph Lauren Asia Pacific Director Brent Smith was the guest speaker, this is his first time to enter the creative forum of the art exhibition. Brent introduced Ralph Lauren's brand history. Founded in 1983, the old American luxury home has now become a world-famous brand for 34 years.


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