Ralph Lauren Interprets American Culture

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Ralph Lauren's founding of the brand, and in these 50 years, he has reshaped the charm of American fashion. This world-renowned business tycoon, innovator, and philanthropist has changed not only in the way we dress, but also in the direction of our lives and dreams. When you hear the word "Polo," most people might think of a brand created in 1967 by a kid from the Bronx. The reason why it is so named is because this movement with thousands of years of history has always been familiar with the most elite class in the world. In the past 50 years, Ralph Lauren and his eponymous luxury brand have not only led us to the best of life, but also defined what is the “best life”. F. Scott Fitzgerald created Gatsby, but with a white linen suit to make this image concretely appear in front of us is Lauren. Ralph Lauren is a rich tycoon and a movie star, a princess and a prime minister, a noble celebrity and an Olympic champion – they stand out from the crowd and everyone is a symbol of success, luxury and achievement.


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