High fashion style with sweaters and shirts

Sweaters plus shirts, I believe many people will think of stacking method, yes, this kind of college style wear, through different styles of matching, can also be very fashionable and advanced, below share some shirts and sweaters with the stacking method Let's go! Girls who like this kind of wearing method must be familiar with it. Basically, a regular short sweater will take a shirt and it will be OK! But here I want to tell you that the effects of different styles will be much worse! Let's take a look at the plaid shirt and gray sweater. The plaid element is a very versatile design element. It can be molded and can be mixed with any clothes. Therefore, the plaid is the most suitable for stacking, ultra-short height. A long plaid shirt in the collar sweater, revealing the hem and cuffs, with black denim pencil pants, stylish and advanced!


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