Global E-commerce President of Ralph Lauren Self-built An Internet Perfume Brand

For most people, department stores and beauty stores like Sephora are the first choice for perfume purchases. The salesperson sprays the perfume on the test paper. In this mixed atmosphere with a lot of smells, you can quickly decide whether you are willing to pay if you smell it. Although perfumes have always been sold this way, it does not mean that this old-fashioned set cannot be changed. According to the US website Quartz, on June 22nd, Ralph Lauren's former global e-commerce president Eric Korman launched a startup called Phlur, which adopted the same business model as the Internet eyewear brand Warby Parker and the Internet luxury fashion brand Everlane: At an affordable price, the company sells small, high-end neutral perfume products similar to those in luxury department stores. Unlike traditional perfume counters, Phlur allows consumers to try out their products in their own homes and slowly experience the feeling that the aroma stays on the body for a whole day. After a few years of interrupting the use of men's fragrances, Eric Korman decided to start using perfume again. However, the “terrible” experience in the department store made him feel the idea of ​​starting Phlur. He said: "I want to create a brand and a perfume company, thoroughly reflect on this category, rekindle consumer confidence and repair the relationship with consumers." Phlur is the PH from the French word "fleur" and skin pH It has evolved.


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