Choose the right sweater to show your temperament

When it comes to autumn and winter, the warmth and temperament of the fashion is nothing more than a cardigan sweater. But in such a season, how should we wear a cardigan sweater to be more beautiful? In fact, the most important thing is to have a cardigan inside. You have to choose the right one is half of your success. However, the highest ratio of appearance is the T-shirt in the cardigan sweater. The cardigan sweater is put on the most common white T-shirt in summer, which is casual and fashionable, and very convenient. In addition to solid color T-shirts, all kinds of letters and printed T-shirts are used as cardigan sweaters, and there is a mix and match tone, which makes the body feel gentle in the street style. The loose short cardigan sweater is slim and slim, and it is very comfortable to wear. More feminine girls can wear a lace top, a small area of ​​lace on the neckline for the whole body LOOK into a small sexy, concave shape, and looks more gentle. In the cardigan sweater, the strap dress is also a good choice. In the summer, the strap dress can be described as a sexy and sultry weapon, but in the fall, a cardigan sweater coat can be used to create a completely different image of a girl. The warm khaki is the must-have color of autumn, with a white sling dress inside, a long and short structure to create a small layer, and the whole body style has a style of a girl next door.


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