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Dressing must be layered. Because of the cold, I have to wear a lot of clothes in the winter. If I don't match them properly, it will be extremely bloated and bulky. Even the best figure will be covered up. The solution is very simple. No matter how many clothes are worn on the body, the most important thing is the layering, which is long and short, tight and wide, and there are both inside and outside, deep and shallow. Therefore, it is possible to select a top that has a different sleeve length or a different length of the clothes. Winter coats are mostly loose styles. If you don't wear them properly, you will look obese and abnormal. Therefore, in order to highlight the figure and maintain balance, you should choose a tight fit for the loose long coat. If you wear a short coat, you can put the clothes inside into the pants, highlighting the waistline, and the legs become thin and long, and the visual effect is one meter eight. In terms of color, don't be too complicated and mottled. If you want to have a light and dark degree, you can match each other with a sense of depth. If it is a dark coat, you should choose a lighter shade of plain color, beige, light yellow, light coffee, nude color can be, steady and elegant temperament. Of course, the dark coat can also be matched with a bright color, and the steady color can press the element that is too detached, which is lively and natural. If it is a light-colored coat, it can be used in the same color, or with a slightly darker color. The most important thing is color harmony.


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