Casual style wearing skills

On the occasion of the cold and hot autumn and winter handover, is your outing dress also troubled with the weather? Worried that if you choose the wrong outfit, you will be able to show off the unforgettable Japanese casual style with a relaxed look! In a cool weather, using a long version of the dress seems to be a little thin, it is recommended to match a knit jacket and choose a bright color style, with a high color embellished on the autumn and winter seasons of dark items to create eye-catching effect. The versatile shirts are a very good use in the autumn and winter seasons, whether it is to go to work or class to make the clothes into a feeling of temperament. Choose a short-cut, drop-shoulder style, paired with a high-waisted skirt with a knit fabric, and a long-sleeved dress to create a satisfying slenderness.


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