3 minutes to learn to how to wear long sleeves shirts

Autumn and winter are coming when the weather is getting colder. Every time I go out, I always think about how to create a style that suits the season and style. At this time, I use the basic items to present the ideal appearance. I believe that the men’s wardrobes must be stored. A few long-sleeved Tees, you can take it back and mix and match, show a charming impression for everyday dress, and want to easily control the casual street atmosphere? When you are too lazy to match, the single-piece is the easiest way to wear a casual look. Choose Logo or Plain TEE to make the overall look simple. In addition, the pants are recommended to be popular in the season. For mashups, such as tapered pants and wide pants, the overall appearance is not dull and easy to light up the focus! The long-sleeved TEE is not only a must-have item for autumn and winter, but also has a versatile performance to control the changing style. When you want to increase the layering of the dress, the TEE mix shirt is ingeniously intertwined to express the distinctive expression. Rich lines, optional sports pants and fitted trousers, can connect the street charm.


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