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National Australian
Security Providers Association

national australian security providers association

Pro Bono Publico

The National Australian Security Providers Association
was launched on the 1st March 1998

Mission Statement of the 
National Australian Security Providers Association NASPA

To promote and safeguard high standards of services in the security industry

To educate and inform the community about security issues

To produce quality training programs for security officers and providers

To promote the services of member security providers and security officers

To suggest appropriate legislation for the Australian security industry

To support members in their dealings with authorities

To promote co-operation between police and security industry clients

To promote and sustain constructive dialogue among security industry providers

To establish a constructive dialogue between members and employers

To help mediate during disputes between consumers and members

To represent the interests of the security industry impartially and ethically

Important Message

The NSW Security Industry Registry has written a letter to all security providers and has provided a list of  "approved organizations".  There are several organizations listed.  NASPA is not an approved organisation and will not be seeking approval status.

Among the approved associations are ...

For those members who have contacted us asking for details about BSCAA we have listed them below: We contacted  BSCAA and we found them to be polite and helpful.

Post Office Box 554 Crows Nest NSW 1585
Phone 02-94390142 Fax 02-99068146
E-mail bscaansw@bscaa.asn.au

  • Security Providers Association Of Australia Limited


Phone: (02) 9894 1622 (International: 61+2+ 9894 1622)
Fax: (02) 9894 7113 (International: 61+2+ 9894 7113)
Office: 27/10 Gladstone Road, Castle Hill NSW, 2154
Mail: PO Box 8184, Baulkham Hills BC, NSW


  For the full list of approved organisations contact the NSW Police Security Industry Registry Unit.



NASPA has no affiliation whatsoever with BSCAA or SPAAL  and does not endorse them over other associations.  We are providing the links as a free service to our members.

NASPA will continue to oppose the regulation which forces security providers to join so called "approved" association. 

NASPA believes that membership to an association should be a voluntary process and that security providers should have the right to choose which association they wish to join.



Members holding NASPA's Security Industry Gold Card are bound by a code of ethics. The card is a symbol of professionalism, high quality of service, and absolute integrity.

NASPA members join us because they want to -- not because they have to.

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NASPA Community Security Alerts
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Important note from Quality Assurance

NASPA provides the Message Board as a service to the Australian Security Industry.  Opinions expressed on the Message Board are published as they they are submitted.  We neither endorse nor oppose the views expressed in this Message Board.  Messages which are of an offensive nature will not be published.


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